How to Start Selling on Poshmark

If you’re looking for a new way to sell your clothes and other items, you should definitely check out Poshmark. It’s a platform that allows users to sell their clothing, accessories, and home decor directly to other users.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the entire process of how to start selling on Poshmark: from listing your item to shipping it to the buyer.

We’ll also answer some common questions about selling on Poshmark, such as what kind of items can be sold and what kind of up-front costs are involved.

So, what can you sell on Poshmark?

You can sell just about anything on the platform, as long as it’s in good condition. This includes clothing, accessories, home decor, and even electronics. When listing your item, be sure to include a clear and accurate description of the product. The better the description, the more likely you are to make a sale.

Listing an item on Poshmark

The listing process for Poshmark is pretty simple and easy. You’ll want to take multiple clear, well-lit photos of each item you want to sell. If you’re able to model the item, that’s a plus. Make sure to take a photo of the front, back, sleeves (if applicable), and close-ups of any major details on the item.

If there are any issues or flaws with the items you’re selling, make sure to note these in the listing description. Take a close-up photo of any flaws as well. This way, if a buyer purchases your item, they cannot say that you didn’t disclose the item’s condition. If you are honest about the item’s condition and include photos of any flaws, Poshmark will usually side with you if the customer complains about the flaw and tries to return the item.

Before listing your items, make sure they’re in the right categories. Add the brand name, style of the clothing, size information, color, cut, and anything else you might think relevant. The more information, the better, but feel free to keep it simple if you’re short on time.

Finally, add a price for your item. People can either buy the item at the listed price or make you an offer on the item. In both situations, the app will notify you.

Note: These are just the basics, I’ve got more in-depth information and additional tips for listing items on Poshmark over here if you want to read more!

Negotiating with buyers and making sales

When it comes time to negotiate with buyers, use your best judgment. If you’re asking for a fair price but the buyer is offering significantly less than what you’re asking, try to come to an agreement that’s agreeable to both parties.

You can negotiate back and forth with anyone who makes an offer on your items, and it’s considered very normal to do so, so don’t be afraid of the feature.

There are tons of tips out there for how to make more sales on Poshmark, but one thing that you can do is to share your items on Poshmark frequently. This pushes your items back up to the top of their categories within the Poshmark app and makes them more likely to get noticed.

Does Poshmark take a commission fee? Is selling on Poshmark free?

When pricing your items, it’s important to remember that Poshmark takes a commission from each sale: $2.95 for items priced $15 or less and 20% for items priced over $15.

So, selling on Poshmark is not free. But one of the benefits of Poshmark vs. other platforms is that you don’t have to front any money to ship items. After making a sale, Poshmark sends you a prepaid shipping label. So you don’t have to pay money to sell an item.

Shipping your item after it’s sold

Once you’ve made a sale, it’s time to package and ship the item. You’ll only have a few days to ship the item once it has sold, otherwise, the sale will be canceled.

Poshmark will send you a prepaid shipping label to the email you used to sign up for Poshmark. You’ll need to print it out and secure it to the box you’re using to send out the item.

Be sure to use a sturdy box, good shipping tape, and plenty of packing material to ensure that the product arrives safely at its destination. Poshmark offers prepaid shipping labels for sellers in the United States, and international sellers can purchase postage from their local post office.

You can also grab some free shipping boxes from your post office or order them online from I recommend ordering a case of these boxes in advance if you have lots of items to offload!

What kind of upfront costs to expect when selling on Poshmark

There are some up-front costs involved in selling on Poshmark, but they’re relatively small when compared to other platforms like eBay or Amazon. As of right now, you will not need to pay anything upfront to sell on Poshmark aside from printer use to print out your shipping label.

When you make a sale, Poshmark pre-pays for a shipping label that you can use to send the item(s) to your buyer. If you don’t already have a printer, here’s my recommendation for what printer to get for selling on Poshmark. You can also head to a library or office supply store that offers printing and get your label printed for a small fee.

In this way, Poshmark differs from eBay because when you make a sale on eBay, you have to pay upfront for the shipping on anything you sell. With Poshmark, you don’t need money on-hand to pay for shipping labels.

How to get your money after selling on Poshmark

When you make a sale on Poshmark, the money you just made will be on hold until the buyer receives their item. Once the buyer confirms they have received their package (or after a few days after delivery, whichever happens first) you will automatically be credited the money in your Poshmark account, minus the commission that Poshmark takes (about 20%) of each item’s cost.

After your money is credited to your Poshmark account, you may request a check or bank transfer pretty much immediately.

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In addition to the commission taken by Poshmark, you may also need to pay for packaging materials, but this only applies to you if you intend to run a business or a serious side hustle selling on Poshmark.

If you’re in the U.S. you can negate most packaging costs by utilizing free shipping materials provided by USPS. So, if you’re just cleaning out your closet or selling an item here and there, don’t feel like you need to spend money on packaging supplies.

That’s how to start selling on Poshmark in a nutshell!

If you’re thinking about selling on Poshmark or anywhere online, be sure to read through our complete guide to selling clothes online first. It covers everything from listing your item to shipping it to the buyer, and it will help ensure that your experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

You’ll also come away with a better understanding of the pros and cons that each platform presents and it might help you choose which platform or app to use to start selling your clothes and other items you no longer use.

Thanks for reading and comment below with any questions!

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