Is Selling on Poshmark Worth It?

I’ll save you a long intro if you’re just here for the TLDR. Yes, selling on Poshmark is worth it in my experience, if you’re willing to put in some effort.

You can make a decent chunk of change on the side or start selling full-time after a few months to a year if you really go hard on Poshmark.

If you want to hear more then keep reading!

Poshmark is worth selling on and you can make a lot of money there

Poshmark and other, similar apps aren’t going away anytime soon.

People are always interested in buying things (on Poshmark a lot of those things are clothes.) And a large portion of younger generations is open to shopping secondhand. Probably because they’re aware of the negative issues surrounding fast fashion.

As long as you’re:

  • Sourcing items regularly
  • Actually listing those items
  • Pricing them for profit,
  • Being an active seller on Poshmark
  • Shipping out the items relatively quickly

There’s a lot of money to be made on the app.

You can even cross-list items to other platforms (like eBay, Mercari, or Curtsy) if you want to.

But what about the Poshmark fees?

Poshmark takes 20% of your sales. For some people, that’s too steep and for others, the benefits and ease of selling on Poshmark make up for it.

It’s up to you and I’m not here to sell you on the fact that you should sell on Poshmark.

But I will say that while the fees on Poshmark are a bit more expensive, many other platforms come pretty close (eBay comes to mind) and Poshmark does more of the heavy lifting for you.

Poshmark pre-pays for your shipping labels and emails them directly to you. eBay does not do this and you have to front the money for all your shipping.

Also, Poshmark provides ways to interact with buyers that eBay does not. You can send shoppers who’ve shown interest in your items (by liking them) private offers.

This is a great way to make more sales on Poshmark and remind customers about an item they were looking at.

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How much can I make selling on Poshmark?

Obviously, this is going to vary greatly. If you’re heading to the thrift store (or wherever it is that you prefer to source items for resale) on a weekly basis and bringing home multiple bags of items each time, it’s safe to say that you can start making a healthy amount of money fairly quickly.

This all depends on how much you’re paying for each item and what you end up selling each one for. It’s difficult to give you specific numbers since I can’t check out your inventory in person.

Making an extra $500-$2000 per month is very realistic. Especially if you’re serious about selling on Poshmark and stay pretty active on the platform.

Can you make a living selling on Poshmark?

Yes! You can. It’ll take longer than a few months to get to this point, but there are lots of resellers out there who sell on Poshmark full-time. Many of them have families to provide for as well, so they must be making a significant amount of money.

If you plan to go this route, I’d recommend learning to sell on more than one platform so that your eggs aren’t all in one basket.

Some full-time Poshmark sellers transition into selling items on their own websites, opening booths at local small business fairs, or starting their own consignment services via their site or shop.

YouTube is an absolute goldmine for learning how to resell. There are quite a few people over there who sell full-time, some of them exclusively on Poshmark. Search for “full-time Poshmark seller” on YouTube and you’ll find more than a few!

Here’s a recent video (not mine!) by a Poshmark seller who I’ve watched a lot of content from. I encourage you to check out more of her videos as well as videos from other Poshmark content creators on YouTube if your goal is to sell full-time on Poshmark or a combo of apps and sites.

So, is selling on Poshmark worth it?

I vote yes. It’s pretty accessible to begin doing as long as you have access to a phone and $20 or so to get some initial inventory.

You can even start with items you have lying around at home already.

And learning more tips and tricks for selling on Poshmark is relatively easy as well. There’s so much great, free information out there on how to become a successful reseller.

And yes – it’s definitely worth it if you are needing another source of income in your household!

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