The Literal Ultimate List of Job Ideas for Work at Home Moms

You want to stay with your kids and watch them grow. Of course you do! As a work at home mom, it can be difficult to find opportunities that can work for you and your “schedule”. Hard deadlines aren’t ideal. You can’t leave the house at a moment’s notice and you’re not always available to take a call! Learning how to make money as a work at home mom might be just what you need to spend more time with your family, earn money, and chase your dreams at the same time.

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Here are some of the top ways to make money as a work at home mom,online, and on your own time (well, for the most part.)

I’m always so confused whenever I see posts or videos about making a full-time income online and they start off talking about surveys or Amazon Mechanical Turk or something along those lines. It’s just not going to get you there! I’ve included links to those things at the very end because they can earn you gift cards and some minor, extra cash here and there,

But all of the things that I’m listing in the main part of this post are things that will allow you to pay your bills, and hopefully, save money for the future.

Truthfully it all depends on how hard you work, how quickly you’re able to get into a routine, and whether or not you’re able to scale up what you do.

1. Freelance Writer

Avg. earning potential: $800-$2000/month +

This is one of a few ways I actually make money. Businesses, brands, and people are always in need of articles and other pieces for their online platforms. If you’re a good writer and you’ve never gotten paid for your writing, try it out – it’s motivating to get paid for words for the first time! There are a number of approaches you can take to become a freelance writer. You can even land a full-time position writing content for a specific company or media outlet.

2. Self-published author

Avg. earning potential: $800-$1500/month +

The days of submitting your book to a hundred publishers and receiving a hundred rejections are pretty much gone. You can self-publish at a very low-cost, even for free if you’re willing to learn a couple of new skills (like formatting your book and creating cover art). Selling ebooks and hard copies of your book on Amazon is still a great way to make money. I personally wouldn’t put all your eggs into this basket unless you plan to build a career as an author, but writing a few books, marketing them, and slapping them on Amazon can definitely bring in a few hundred a month, especially if you have any kind of following online.

3. Resell clothes or hard goods online

Avg. earning potential: $500-$4000/month+

Harness the power of online marketplaces to resell stuff you find in thrift stores and clearance sections. This requires a lot more work than it sounds like it does, but it’s a business you can start with a relatively small investment. You only need a few things to get started reselling:

  • Some inventory (find it in thrift stores, garage sales, online marketplaces. or try out some retail arbitrage.)
  • A camera, (your phone’s camera will probably work fine.)
  • A platform to sell on, like eBay (here are the main ones I use.)
  • Preferably some lighting equipment (If you have a window that provides nice lighting during the day, you can totally use that.)
  • Something to ship your items with (You can use free priority mailboxes if you ship your items via priority mail – if not, you’ll need to buy some low-cost polymailers and/or boxes.)

I look to double my money OR to make at least $20 on each item. This is very reasonable and pretty easy to do. Here’s what a typical week looks like for me in my reselling business.

  • I’ll go out and source clothes anywhere between 1-2 times per week depending on how many items I have left to list. If I’ve got a big backlog of items I still need to measure, photograph, and list on the reselling apps I use, I won’t go out and get more.
  • I inspect, measure, photograph, and list the clothes on the apps and websites I use to resell.
  • When something sells, I locate the item, double-check to make sure there aren’t any undisclosed flaws, and add it to my “sold” pile. It’ll be shipped out the next day.
  • Every morning (or every other morning if things are slow), I print all of the shipping labels for the items sold the previous day(s). Then I put each item into a polymailer, put the labels on the items, and head to the post office where I send everything out from.

If you’re interested in getting started reselling clothes online, I have a super in-depth blog post on how to get started and another one on the recommended supplies for a beginner reseller.

4. Proofreader

Avg. earning potential: $40k/yr

Proofreading is another job you can do from home, in your spare time. With proofreading, you take articles that other people have written and polish them up. If you like the idea of making writing shine for a living, check out this free workshop with information on how you can get started as a proofreader.  You’ll learn some general tips for beginning proofreaders, where to get hired, and how to build and expand your proofreading business.

5. Running a daycare

Avg. earning potential: $4000/month (5 kids at $45 per day, rounded down for expenses)

If you love kids and wouldn’t mind taking care of other people’s kids all day, you can start a home-based daycare. Look into the legalities surrounding this. You’ll probably have to get some certification, registration, or home inspection for this to be legal. You’ll generally be able to charge a flat rate per week or month.

Some parents love the idea of a home-based daycare because they’re more affordable than a babysitter or nanny. Also, the parents can get to know the caregiver better than they could at the average daycare because it would just be you (or maybe you want to start a daycare as a joint operation with another mom friend.)

6. Becoming a micro-influencer

Avg. earning potential: $200/month +

Brands are starting to understand the power of “micro-influencers,” or influencers who have a smaller following. If you have 5-20k followers on Instagram or another social platform, you can make money as a micro-influencer. Your selling point is your engagement rate. Recent research has uncovered that smaller accounts have more engagement on their profiles. This means that smaller accounts are generally more trusted by their followers and are just as likely (if not more likely) to provide the ROI that brands look for when partnering with influencers.

Long story short, building your following to a few thousand and signing up for websites that match brands with influencers can provide a solid stream of income these days. Pair this method with a YouTube channel or a blog to boost it even more!

7. Photographer

Avg. earning potential: $1500/month+

Photography is a side job (or full-time job!) that I see a lot of people try. Capturing a person’s or a family’s special moments is such an amazing job! You’ll obviously need the right equipment to start down this route, so if you’ve got some funds set aside and you’re passionate about taking pictures, what are you waiting for? Set up a website for your brand that acts as your portfolio and start booking clients.

8. Virtual assistant

Avg. earning potential: $9-$15/hr+

Virtual assisting is a good option for moms who like to wear several hats on the job. In one workday, you might book some travel plans, create a PDF, post to social media, design a graphic with Canva, respond to comments or email, write a post, and do some data entry.

Your tasks depend on what your clients need from you and can vary day-by-day!

9. Tutor

Avg. earning potential: $1000-$3000 month

There are so many websites that will hire you as an independent contractor to tutor students in specific subjects. Some of them require that you have a degree and some of them don’t. Alternatively, you can build a personal brand around yourself as a tutor and attract local clients.

10. Teach English online

Avg. earning potential: $1000-$3000 month

Want to teach something simple? Teach English online! VIPkid (degree required) and Dadaabc (no degree required) hires native English speakers to teach English to students in Asia. You’ll usually be working late at night, but this is probably not an issue for you if you’re a work at home mom. Most of us work pretty late anyway!

11. Web designer/web developer

Avg. earning potential: $2500-$5000/month+

Every brand, business, and entrepreneur needs a website and if you know how to put one together you can help them out! A website is generally one of the most important business assets a brand can invest in, so becoming a web designer or developer can help you bring in more money than the average side gig. There’s definitely a difference between a web designer and a web developer, by the way. Both positions require knowledge of basic web technologies, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Developers are generally more involved with different web technologies and able to implement more complicated features, while web designers are more focused on the aesthetic result they create.

12. Ad manager

Avg. earning potential: $50k-$60k/year

Take a course or two on managing Facebook and Instagram ads and test out some ads for your own business. Done correctly, ads are a pretty simple way to scale up a business. That’s not to say that you can jump right in and make money! But if you have proven experience working with ads, companies will hire you to create and manage ad campaigns for them.

13. Social media manager

Avg. earning potential: $2000-$5000/month+

Posting on social media and engaging with a large following takes a ton of time. Because of that, large bloggers and businesses looking to outsource their social media tasks to social media-savvy freelancers and professionals. You might create content for the businesses you work for or you might simply advise them and handle posting and engagement.

14. Etsy seller

Avg. earning potential: I’d feel silly putting a number here… it depends on what you’re selling and how much of it you can sell!

Selling handmade goods or digital products on Etsy is fun! It’s also a business that takes time, effort, and knowledge to grow. If you’ve ever launched an Etsy shop, you know it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. But you can definitely build up a serious side income with Etsy. Try using Etsy in conjunction with a blog, with Pinterest, and with an Instagram account for more the best chance at more sales.

15. Stationery business

Avg. earning potential: $1000-$2000/month+

If you know your way around the Adobe creative suite, you can design stationary and have it printed to sell at local flea markets, at craft shows, and through your website. Alternatively. Offer up printable files that anyone can purchase and print at home. Wedding invitations, birthday invitations, thank-you cards, planning printables, and almost anything you can think of. Sell digital files through your website or through Etsy.

16. Bath and body product maker

Avg. earning potential: $1000-$2000/month+

I know more than one person who makes a full-time living selling soaps and other handmade bath and body items online and at local craft fairs. If you’ve studied soap making or you can whip up a batch of heavenly-smelling bath bombs in no time, consider opening up an Etsy shop or marketing your products locally with a Facebook page!

17. Meal prepper + delivery service

Avg. earning potential: $1000-$2000/month+

If you love to cook, this is an idea to seriously consider. One woman I know is basically the queen of the “side hustle”. I’m honestly not a huge fan of the phrase “side hustle,” but MAN. This girl has got it going on. She’s an extreme couponer, sells clothes online through Poshmark and eBay, and runs a meal delivery service. Basically, she signs on clients at a specific rate per week and delivers fresh meals to their door twice a week. She spends a few hours cooking huge batches of food twice a week and makes an absolute killing because her clients pay her well for saving them so much time and effort (between meal planning, prepping, and shopping for groceries.)

18. Graphic designer

Avg. earning potential: $1500-$3000/month+

Nearly every business needs a graphic designer on a regular basis. Ads, promos, web design. social media headers and content, logos, email newsletters, and everything else all need to be eye-catching, on-brand, and beautiful. At the surface level, a graphic designer’s job seems easy. However, if you’ve ever tried to DIY a logo or some Pinterest pins, it probably took you a lot longer than you expected to achieve a result you were happy with. Graphic designers save businesses and brands hours upon hours of work and frustration.

19. Blogger

Avg. earning potential: Starts at $0, scales up to hundreds or thousands a month if you are consistent and learn from the experts

You probably know already that starting your own blog is a great way to make some extra money. Big-shot bloggers make five figures a month or more, but there are thousands and thousands of bloggers out there making a few hundred or a few thousand dollars off of their blogs. It’s also super cheap to start a blog, making it one of the lowest-costing businesses to start.

Blogging is a lot of work just like any other job. But if there’s something you love and wouldn’t get tired of writing about, I think you should go for it. You can make money through your blog in a few different ways.

20. Work at home employee

Avg. earning potential: $35k-$55k/year (obviously varies a lot, but this is a realistic starting point!)

If you prefer to work for a company, there are quite a few who hire at-home workers. Apple does. Zapier hires remote customer service workers. Buffer’s entire team is remote. If you’re more comfortable working as an employee, there are still a ton of opportunities out there for you. SkillCrush has a ton of super awesome information about companies that hire remote workers. If you have tech or design skills, you might be able to find a lead over there.

21. SEO Strategist

Avg. earning potential: $40-50k/year

If you have medium to advanced SEO skills, people will pay you to complete tasks for them. SEO is obviously in high demand and it’s easy to undervalue your skills as an SEO specialist since a lot of SEO is not that technical. The thing is, SEO takes a lot of work. It’s a ton of separate tasks that work together to optimize web pages and websites, leading to better search results. It can be a pain point for a lot of business owners and you can save the day by offering your services. Check out the market for SEO specialists on Fiverr and UpWork. If you have a blog or your own website, consider offering SEO packages to your clients.

22. Twitch creator

Avg. earning potential: $500/month+

If you play video games or have a hobby that would lend itself well to the Twitch platform, it’s time to check it out! A lot of creators say that Twitch pays out better than YouTube. You can build a community around your streams and earn money through viewer subscriptions and donations. Twitch isn’t just for video game streamers. If you’re interested, take a look at the different categories Twitch supports.

23. Video editor

Avg. earning potential: $15/hr+

Freelance video editors can earn $15 an hour or more. Create a profile on Upwork or start on Fiverr and work your way up. Video editing is more in-demand than ever. A lot of people these days are starting a YouTube channel and will pay you to edit their videos. On top of that, businesses are becoming more aware that video is one of the most engaging forms of content they can create. Get familiar with Sony Vegas or Adobe video editing software and you can definitely bring in some serious cash with your skills.

24. Video captioning

Avg. earning potential: $9/hr+

You can earn something around $10 an hour captioning videos for sites like There’s more money in transcription and video captioning if you invest in professional equipment, like a foot pedal, but you’ll start off making between $9-11 per hour, on average.

25. Researcher

Avg. earning potential: $8/hr+

Wonder pays people between $8 and $16 per research project they complete. You get 4 hours to complete each assignment. You’ll need to cute your sources and provide well-researched responses to the questions you’re given. Not the highest paying online job, but you can do this in your spare time and have a little extra at the end of the month.

26. YouTube creator

Avg. earning potential: $500/month +

YouTube is a great way to supplement your income. It’s likely that it will take you a few months to rack up the number of views you need to monetize your channel (10,000 across all of your videos). If you want to be a YouTuber, I recommend choosing an additional way to earn money while you build your channel up. Do freelance writing or photography or something else entirely while you build your subscriber count.

Once you reach 100k subscribers, you will probably be making enough money to sustain yourself off of YouTube. Some channels need more, while some make this much off of 70k subscribers. It all depends on what your channel is about (different ads are shown to different video categories and different ads will make you different amounts of money)

Little ways to make money as a work at home mom, but not a real income

Here are the things you see mentioned in nearly every blog post about making money online. Unfortunately, these things aren’t going to equate to a full-time job. That being said, they aren’t scams. It’s just that you’ll typically earn well under $10 an hour unless you dedicate a ton of time maximizing your workflow with these sites.

Some people can earn $10-15/hr working on micro job sites and survey sites, but it’s rare. Either way, I’ve used all of these sites to earn a few extra bucks here are there. All of these sites actually pay you and some of them give you a small bonus ($2-5) for signing up.


Amazon Mechanical Turk is a micro-job site that allows you to complete tiny jobs for tiny pay. You’ll usually get pennies for doing small, quick tasks online. Depending on when you sign up, there could be a waiting list or an application review period. AMT isn’t going to net you a full-time income, but it can help you earn some extra cash.


Similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can create a profile on Clickworker and get paid to do tiny jobs online, like to take a screenshot on a website or to perform specific searches. You’ll typically get paid anywhere from $0.01 to $1.00 per job, but some of them literally take seconds. I don’t see anyone making over $10 an hour as a Clickworker, but it might be a good way to take a break from some of you other tasks throughout the day or make a little extra money while watching TV.

Survey Sites

Some survey sites pay you next to nothing, but some of them are worth doing surveys for. Most survey sites require you to reach a certain milestone in order to cash out.

Usually, you’ll have to reach $10, $15, or $20 to be able to claim your earnings. The thing is, a lot of survey websites make it really hard to reach this point, so you never end up cashing out.

Here are the ones that I’ve actually earned money from!


Swagbucks is pretty easy to earn money from, and it’s not just a survey site. You can do other things, like watch videos, download apps, and sign up for email lists to earn “Swagbucks”. 100 Swagbucks = $1.

You can also earn cash back while shopping online, similar to how Ebates works. That’s not earning money, it’s just getting a discount, but it’s useful to know. When I shop online I usually compare the cashback between Swagbucks and Ebates.

You can redeem your Swagbucks in the form of a gift card to a ton of different places (Think Target, Amazon, Starbucks, or pizza places) or you can just get cash via PayPal.

You can earn up to 500 Swagbucks ($5) a day by watching videos passively. But usually, taking surveys gets you the most Swagbucks per hour. I’ve gotten a few unique opportunities from Swagbucks that I’ve never seen on other survey sites. Once, through Swagbucks, I qualified to take part in a focus group that paid me a couple hundred dollars to test a product, post on a forum about my experience with it, and make a couple short videos about my thoughts.


OpinionOutpost surveys vary in terms of compensation. Some of them are worth doing and some of them aren’t, but if you’re interested in taking online surveys for cash, you should at least sign up and see what they have going on. I’ve earned around $50 on OpinionOutpost, but I’m not huge on taking surveys and rarely log in.

Pinecone Research

This site pays out $3 per survey, which is more than most surveys. However, you usually have to get on a waiting list to join. Once you join, they typically only send you a few surveys per month. But they’re quick and you get $3 a pop.

Inbox Dollars

You get $5 just for signing up with Inbox Dollars. For that reason, this is one of the easiest survey sites to cash out at.

Make an account, confirm your email, and boom, you have $5 credited to your account.

Fill out your profile and take a few surveys, watch some videos, and you’ll have the $30 required for redemption pretty quickly. If you decide to stay subscribed to their email list, you’ll get surveys sent to your inbox. You can also earn points just by opening their emails. And of course, you can unsubscribe from their emails at any time.

Phew! Ok, that was a long list. I hope you found something you want to look into! It’s pretty amazing how many opportunities are available to us in this day and age. Sounds cheesy, but I’m so thankful to the internet for existing!

Do you work from home? How do you make money as a work at home mom? Or – are you planning to start working from home soon?

I’d love to hear from you, so please leave your thoughts or any questions in the comments below!

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