What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Selling on Poshmark

Selling on Poshmark is a relatively easy way to make some extra money if you have some good thrift stores near you. That said, there’s still a few “insider” tips that I wish I’d known before starting my Poshmark side gig and I want to share them with you here to save you some time.

Enjoy and happy Poshing!

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1.) Stay on top of trends on Poshmark by doing regular research

Find the top sellers on the platform and filter their items by “Sold.” Then, pay attention to patterns you see in sold items. Are there a lot of bootcut jeans? Are you seeing lots of embroidery? What kinds of shoes are selling the most? Chunky heels or thinner heels on boots?

It sounds kind of dumb but you’ll get more sales if you can find trending items at thrift stores. That’s just the way it is and I’ve seen it myself with my Poshmark inventory. Even if you have a more eclectic personal style, it makes sense to pick up trendy items to list on Poshmark.

Another way to find trending items or categories on Poshmark is by taking note of Poshmark parties. Whenever I log into Poshmark, I look at the parties coming up for the day and write them down in a Google Doc. Poshmark only holds parties for high-demand items on their platform, so if you see a party for it, be on the lookout for it.

Go to each party and take a screenshot of what brands each party accepts and keep them for reference. It’s great to know what brands to look for in the thrift stores, especially if you are newer to reselling clothes on Poshmark or in general.

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2.) List your clothes with high-quality photos only

This is a HUGE part of getting more sales on Poshmark.

You. Need. Great. Photos. If you have to spend an extra little bit of money or time right now to make sure your photos come out clear and nice-looking, I recommend doing that because you’ll have a much easier time making sales on Posh.

There’s a few ways you can get better photos for your Poshmark listings.

  1. Always hold the camera/phone steady. Blurry photos are a no-go. Customers can actually claim that your photos were misrepresentative of the item they bought from you and request a refund if your pictures are blurry. If you have trouble taking non-blurry photos, try opening a window nearby for some more light or using a tripod while snapping pictures.
  2. Get good lighting. Your pictures will always come out better-looking and a lot more detailed and clear when you have a good lighting setup. If you live in a well-lit place, you can just use natural lighting from your windows for your photos. If your natural lighting isn’t great or you list items at night, you can pick up a portable lighting kit that you can set up whenever you need to take photos. I’m in this camp since I do most of my work at night – here’s the lighting kit I’ve had for the last four years.
  3. Edit photos that don’t come out as well. There are some simple apps that you can use to whiten backgrounds and remove distractions. It’s best to avoid having to edit your pictures whenever possible, but if you need to, I recommend PicTapGo. It’s only $2.99 and does a great job at brightening up darker pictures.
  4. Keep your photography process simple. Keep your photos consistent by sticking to a white background and don’t bother varying the angles you take photos at. Straight-on or top-down are the best angles to take photos of clothing from. Sure, it’s kinda boring, but it helps potential buyers be able to focus on the clothing item and there’s a reason that lots of big clothing companies like Target and Nordstrom photograph their items this way – it sells!

3.) Write keyword-rich descriptions

This one takes a bit of practice, but it really doe bring more people to your listings. People searching for something they want on Poshmark might be searching for something that you have, but they don’t find it because you didn’t use the same words that they searched with.

For example, they might have searched for “shabby chic tunic top” and you only have “long boho blouse” in your listing description. These are essentially different descriptions of the same top, but they didn’t find yours because you didn’t include alternate keywords in your description.

When listing an item, consider other ways someone might search for that item. Look up synonyms to describing words that you used for your piece and then add them to the listing description.

Also, and I can’t stress this enough, don’t use vague words in your titles or descriptions. Words like “pretty,” “beautiful,” “cute,” or “flattering.” They aren’t specific enough to be helpful to anyone shopping for clothes. They’re just wasting space in your listing title or description because most people on Poshmark won’t search for “cute shirt,” they’ll search for “Leopard print shirt” or “Lululemon workout tank.”

4.) List items daily or jump onto the app to stay active

Poshmark is built kind of like a social media app, so more activity on the app means more visibility for your account. If you buy 20 items to sell each week, it’s better to post a few items per day than to post all of them on one day. The more time you spend posting and engaging on the app, the more engagement you’ll get, whether that’s comments and likes on your posts, sales, or offers on your items.

5.) Share your items every day

I promise it’s not seen as spammy! When you share a listing on Poshmark, it doesn’t bother anyone.

Sharing your items on Poshmark puts them back on top of the categories they’re listed in. People are constantly sharing and listing new items, so your listings might get buried if you let them sit for too long.

For people who are just selling some clothes and don’t do Poshmark as a serious side gig or a full-time thing, don’t worry about sharing your listings every day, just share them here and there when you happen to be checking the app.

For serious sellers on Poshmark, sharing is a great way to keep your items visible throughout the day and it does bring more potential buyers to your listings. Some full-time sellers share their entire closet 2-10 times per day depending on how much inventory they have listed.

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