Why is Nothing Selling on Poshmark: 6 Most Common Reasons Your Items Aren’t Selling

Got listings on Poshmark that aren’t selling? So frustrating! I’ve definitely been there.

After a few years of selling on Poshmark, have a few go-to strategies when it comes to making sure your items actually sell. So, let’s get straight into the tips!

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Photos unclear or bad lighting

One of the most common reasons why stuff on Poshmark won’t sell is because the photos in the listing are either blurry or don’t have great lighting.

The best way you can make sure people who might be interested in your listings will buy is to remove any doubt they have about what the item actually looks like by taking clear, well-lit photos of it. 

Place the item on a background that isn’t cluttered (a white floor, surface, or wall is a great background – don’t get too fancy with it) and use natural lighting if possible.

If you don’t have any natural lighting in the room you’re taking pictures in, grab a lighting kit and set that up before you start taking pictures.

I have this lighting kit from Amazon because there aren’t a lot of big windows in my house, so it’s difficult to rely on natural lighting. They do a lot to help the quality of my Poshmark photos.

To make sure your photos aren’t blurry, I recommend trying to hold the camera as steady as you can and taking multiple shots of each photo you take.

That way, if you accidentally take one that’s blurry, you have others of the same picture to fall back on. If you really struggle with blurry photos, use a mobile tripod if you take pictures with your phone.

Not enough photos of the item, take more than 1 or 2

When selling clothes online on any platform, it’s important to take as many photos of the items you’re selling as possible. Doing this helps assure the buyer that your item isn’t hiding any quality issues, like tears or stains.

Taking a picture of the front and the back of a shirt isn’t usually enough. Don’t forget to take and add photos of sleeves, neckline, any pockets or extra detailing, the tag, and anything else on the item that seems significant.

If buyers are interested in your item but curious to see another part of it before purchasing, they will likely move onto another seller’s item instead of reaching out to you to ask for another photo.

So, add more pictures of your items to your listings to avoid missing out on sales!

Items not as in demand

It’s possible that what you’re selling isn’t as in demand compared to other items. Sometimes, this is a problem with the item itself. Sometimes, it’s just not the kind of thing that sells well on that platform.

Poshmark, for example, has a younger shopper base than eBay. For that reason, some items might not sell on Poshmark for months, but they could get snapped up quickly on eBay.

Pricing your items reasonably

You can price your items however you want to, of course, but pricing them competitively will help them actually sell on Poshmark.

The best way you can be sure your items are priced correctly is by doing some market research. Search Poshmark for the item you have and see what other people are pricing it for. Then, search Google, eBay, and any other shopping platforms you want for the item.

Try pricing your item close to the average price you’re seeing for it. To sell it quicker, price it on the lower end of the spectrum.

What if I can’t find any examples of how my item is priced?

If you can’t find your item selling anywhere online, there’s a chance that it’s not a super popular item. This isn’t always the case, (it could be super rare!) but in this kind of situation, you might need to offload the item for cheaper.

My advice in this situation is to check for other items by the same brand that are selling to get a rough idea of what it might be worth.

Not sharing items, making offers, or spending time on the platform

Poshmark, similarly to social media platforms, kind of “rewards” accounts that are active on their platforms. If you’re not sharing your listings often and making offers to people who’ve liked your items, you’re missing out on sales for sure!

Check out my article on Poshmark tips to make more sales for the full list of things to do in the app, but the most important things are to share, share, share (every day), and to make offers to likers.

Not enough information in your listing description

If your listing descriptions are bare, change that! Give the prospective buyer as much info as you can so that they feel more comfortable hitting that “buy” button.

Any notes about the condition of the item, the color, size, rarity, style, etc. should be in there! The more words in your description, the more keywords you’ll rank for on Poshmark and even on Google (yes, your Poshmark listing can show up there!)

So make sure you’re being as descriptive and detailed as possible. Generic words like “cute” or “pretty” don’t help, because they aren’t specific enough and people don’t search for “pretty shirt.”

Try “boho” or “bell-sleeved” or “ribbed knit” instead! Describe the style, fabric, or trend in a specific way to get more people to your listing.

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Why your items aren't selling on Poshmark: 6 top reasons that stuff isn't selling
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